Mangrove Tour

The Sierpe National Wetlands is highly diverse in terms of biodiversity because it has four families mangrove namely; Rhizophoraceae, Combretaceae, Pellicieraceae and Avicenniaceae.

During the tour of mangrove we can found a number of birds and reptiles accompanied by mammals that use the wetland as a passage and food source.


- Use comfortable clothes and sunscreen, preferably using a cap.

- Do not get too close to the reptiles which are on the banks of wetland to avoid disturbing the reptile and mainly avoid getting hurt.

- In case of any event remain calm and follow the guide in charge of the tour.

- Do not touch, collect or hold any inhabitant of the wetland.

- Do not harass the animals: i.e. follow the same fish, or turtle for a very long time.

- Try not to touch the animals found and do not disturb animals that are partly leaning on their burrows to come out completely.

$ 90 per person with a minimum of 5 people.          (506)  2775-0929          (506)  2775-0946

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